Supply excellence

An agile and flexible supply chain is a critical lever for a company’s financial performance. Multi country manufacturing base, global complexity, inexhaustible product line, newer markets, varying product lifecycle, changing customer preference, fluctuating demand and margin pressure necessitate not only an efficient, but also effective supply chain wherein companies can optimally leverage their assets and gain competitive advantage over rivals.

Forecasting demand is one of the most important parts of procurement, production planning and marketing. Under-forecasting leads to lost sales of regular items and increased shipment (and production) costs. Over-forecasting, on the other hand, has excess inventory, obsolescence and disposal costs attached with it. Our studies have shown that reducing forecast error results in significant savings for the company.

The ultimate goal is to have the right amount of inventory in just the right places, to meet the organization’s overall goals of production performance, customer service levels and achieving better margins.

At Avizare, our Demand Management and Supply Excellence practice is aimed at helping companies achieve flexible, responsive, agile and yet effective supply chain process through:

  • Demand diagnostic – A scorecard to review current performance and identify gaps
  • Forecasting - A scientific and experience rich approach to predict demand with certainty
  • Optimized inventory – A plan and roadmap for optimal inventory and replenishment
  • Effective procurement – Achieve spend leverage and identify levers to make procurement effective
  • Logistics optimization – A balanced approach to achieve improved service levels and reduced logistics costs
  • Manufacturing excellence – Optimized production plan and scheduling

Unlike the traditional approaches, we leverage advanced analytical techniques including optimization and predictive analytics, to deliver our solutions. Our advanced analytical approach to review, define and develop effective demand management practices leads to improved supply performance, aligns inventory to customer service and investment goals and releases cash from under performing stock assets. Our consultants have considerable global experience and have worked across a wide range of industries for over three decades.


Optimal use of working capital
Responsive supply chain
Effecient production planning

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