Promotion spend optimization

Companies spend a large amount on promotional activities through different channels. But how many of them know if the increased sales was due to direct advertising or the increase was a result of some other marketing activity? Lack of clarity hampers the company’s ability to efficiently allocate promotional spend among various channels.

Our unique solution helps companies in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of promotional spend. Simultaneously, we also help companies identify the most effective mix of media spend.

We start with quantifying the relationship between company's revenue and different marketing levers being used to promote sales. Our solution also quantifies the individual impact of different marketing levers on business and also their interplay. This helps determine optimal marketing and promotion mix for different geographies, lines of businesses and channels.

Promotional spend is further optimized and reallocated to initiatives having greater sales or conversion impact. Using this approach companies can effectively reduce redundant marketing spend with no adverse impact on incremental revenue.


Better communication with customers
Take powerful marketing decisions
Maximize returns on marketing spend

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