Market entry strategy

Entering a new market or sector is a major challenge and significant decision for businesses across the globe. For a successful foray, it is important for companies to focus on the right products and services with value propositions that are appropriate for the target market. This has to be backed up, further, by sound business operations, governance and organization to improve the odds of success.

Through our experienced consultants, channel & industry experts and proven tools & methodologies, we at Avizare, help companies in formulating market entry strategy, based upon actionable insights. We leverage our structured and proven framework - ADDEnter™ to help companies gain market share and visibility.


  • Assess:- Through our structured methodology GRAIns™, we generate actionable insights to provide unbiased assessment of market size, potential and future trends even at micro level.
  • Design- We partner with companies in designing the value proposition aligned with companies’ strategic goals and target market requirements.
  • Develop- Leveraging our experience and local on-the-ground knowledge, we develop a robust entry roadmap to help companies better position themselves to exploit the market, fulfill their potential and achieve sustained growth.
  • Enter- We not only partner in formulating the strategy, but, also partner in its successful implementation. We provide businesses with relevant tools to keep a close watch on their returns on investments.


Granular - revealing emerging economic trends with a detailed view
Actionable - Analytical intervention to provide actionable insights
Relevant - up-to-date data sets, accounting for diverse consumer behavior and preference patterns

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