Manufacturing optimisation

Aligned to a clear manufacturing strategy, we drive optimisation through a number of processes and methodologies. Network optimisation would consolidate or enhance the overall network, sites and the technology footprint required.

Site optimisation develops new working practices, often through focus factory concepts, including the realignment of the organisation and service functions. In all cases, we strive to gain improvements in both the "indirect" working practices as well as the "direct" manufacturing activity.

Our services span the full spectrum of global supply chain operations from process development and scale-up to the shipment of finished products through multiple channels. We use a wide range of tools and techniques to optimise performance and address the challenge of fast, more reliable material flow without compromising quality, compliance and customer service.

We maintain a database of benchmarks and targets that companies can use as a reference point when assessing their supply network performance.

Service streams

Synthesis development
Process development
Purchasing & global sourcing
Investment planning
Lean manufacturing
Productivity improvement
Focused factory
Performance appraisal
Productivity of services
Supply chain logistics & inventory management
Technology & product transfer
Management processes
Initiatives project management
Contract management

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