Distribution excellence

Even as companies are increasingly using internet as a new distribution channel, they continue to rely on traditional channels namely independent and or exclusive agents to sell most of their retail products. Some of the questions faced by the companies are:

  • Which agents sell company’s products more effectively and profitably than others?
  • How can we harness each distribution channel for growth and improve the overall business profitability?
  • How should we devise our agent appointment strategy to induct agents that are likely to acquire valuable customers?

The key is to establish agent level profitability which in turn would quantify the profitability of agent’s operating area. We help companies in developing agent’s relative profitability index and segment them uniquely. We then leverage predictive analytics to determine the future likelihood of agent’s or distribution channel’s profitability.

Further identification of factors that may impact the profitability helps in identifying and implementing specific initiatives for agents and or distributors to achieve overall profitability.


Quick response to customer needs
Improve sales force productivity
Sharpen your reach

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