Key Features

  • Pre-fabricated reports and analytics
  • Easily expandable and scalable
  • Intuitive features: Drag & Drop, Slice & Dice, Drill up & down, What ifs
  • Platform and database agnostic

Business intelligence solution

Risk management, product innovation, operational efficiency, customer relationship management and business intelligence are the critical success factors for an industry in its maturity phase.

With increasingly sophisticated products, it is becoming increasingly challenging to manage the attendant risks and at the same time keep up with the customer expectations. It is becoming increasingly critical to have a live feedback process between sales and post sales teams. Also, the cost to comply with various regulatory provisions has been ever increasing.

Companies need to maintain and manage long, agile and flexible supply chains to run their operations optimally. At the same time live data residing within and with customers, suppliers, distributors and other partners needs to be integrated and used smartly for decision making.

Changed operating environment has contributed significantly to increase in operational costs. At Avizare, we leverage our superior industry understanding to identify the critical success factors and put in place a solution for effective decision-making.

Our industry-focused Business Intelligence solution is a powerful tool in the hands of operational managers. Coupled with advanced analytics and technology, it provides unmatched value to the client. We offer:

  • Pre-built reports, scorecards and dashboards that are tailored for needs of the specific industry
  • Customized solutions leveraging predictive analytics for effective risk management, identification of loss drivers, customer satisfaction, manufacturing optimization and fraud detection
  • Solutions to track sales and marketing, inventory, operations including profit & loss analysis, supply chain through performance dashboard



FMCG and Retail
Agriculture and allied
Financial services


Multiple time dimension analysis
Scenario analysis
What-if analysis
Tailored predictive models
Integration with existing applications

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