Organization effectiveness

Avizare’s approach to building workforce capabilities enables business strategy implementation. Our approach in designing the Human Resource strategy is to support and catapult organizational growth with focus on following elements:

Organization Structuring

A suitable organization structure acts as a foundation and is a pre-requisite to deliver business objectives. Requirements of an Organization in a start-up phase will be different from the requirement in a high growth phase. We help in designing the to-be structure to achieve company’s strategic objectives.

Our intervention addresses some of the key questions for an Organization:

  • How should the Organization be structured into various responsibility centers?
  • What should be the decision making at the various levels of management?
  • What should be the governance structure for effective coordination amongst various business divisions and locations?

Accordingly, KPIs for each role are developed from a holistic perspective. Critical decisions are identified and mapped to roles responsible/ accountable for the same.

Talent Management

Talent management comprises of two major components:

  • Career path design
  • Talent assessment and development

A detailed diagnostic of current Career Development Framework helps identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. Designing career paths involves defining the objective, guidelines and process flows in the Organization.

Avizare follows step-wise approach to talent development. Our approach to competency modeling acts as a powerful foundation for driving an Organization’s talent management initiatives. Typical Output at the end of competency modeling exercise will be competency definition, elements & proficiency levels. These feed into the designing of assessment center tools / exercises.

Policy Review

We have a structured approach to HR policy review with three components:

  • PMS policy and goal Setting
  • Employee engagement process design
  • HR manual review

PMS framework addresses key design principles. Designing of PMS framework ensures alignment between PMS design principles and Organization’s performance strategy. PMS effectiveness depends on clarity of goals, feedback mechanism and co-relation with other HR processes. We help design the appraisal policy, process and formats.

As part of employee engagement design, employee engagement survey questionnaire are created. These are based on engagement drivers. Survey responses are analyzed and department, business unit and company level score cards are created. Further we support Organization’s HR in creating suitable action plan.

HR manuals review involves conducting diagnostic and identification of gap and weak areas in existing policies. Avizare helps benchmark policy with similar or allied industries/ sectors. Post gap identification, policies are prioritized for refinement.

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