• A structured methodology to generate actionable insights based on primary interviews, judicious use of secondary data and advanced statistical analysis.

Key Features

  • Granular - revealing emerging economic trends with a detailed view
  • Actionable - Analytical intervention to provide actionable insights
  • Relevant - up-to-date data sets, accounting for diverse consumer behavior and preference patterns

India Insights

Over last two decades, from being an underdog, India has emerged as a challenger to the established economic powerhouses. India story is built on structural changes in macroeconomic and business environment and unshackling of the infrastructure sector. In the post-reforms period, real GDP has grown at 6.5% CAGR. While China, and earlier, the East Asian ‘tiger’ economies, grew on the back of strong export performance and their ability to compete in the world trade market, Indian economy thrives on domestic consumption, powered by 247 million households. There are certain key factors that have contributed to the India growth story.

  • India is in a sweet spot as far as demographic changes are concerned. A very high proportion (62%) of population is in the economically active age group (15-59 yrs). The ratio is better in urban areas (65.9%), validating the shift towards a pre-dominantly non-agrarian set up.
  • Better employment potential in urban centers, increased mobility and inadequate social and physical infrastructure in rural areas has led to accelerated urbanization in last few decades. Urban population comprises over 31% of the total population. It inhabits over 450 1 lakh+ and 53 million+ cities.
  • Since independence, share of agriculture in total GDP has consistently declined, despite a significant rise in agri-production. Consequently, the share of agriculture in GDP stands at 14%, down from over 50% in the 50’s.
  • Favorable demographic profile and increasing rate of urbanization, coupled with wider choice of products/ services and rising disposable incomes, has contributed to a consumption boom that is visible not only in urban but also in rural India.

    Such a huge market presents enormous opportunities for growth and expansion. It is important to identify specific opportunity, backed by reliable and granular data, and seize them. It also requires identifying the trends defining the future, at an early stage, and predicting the ensuing future scenario. This is where we play an important role. With our deep understanding of Indian economy and the ability to identify the emerging trends, we help clients manage a complex and dynamic business scenario, through our bouquet of offerings.

Insights into:

Demographic dividend
Urbanization trends
Consumer durable ownership
Town insights

Insights into ownership of consumer durables:

Granular Insights in Consumer Durables Ownership pattern

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