Haves & Have Nots

  • Haves – Households with ownership of all the specified consumer durables. This group is top of the bunch (4.6%)

  • Have Nots – Households with none of the specified durables in possession, form the bottom rung (17.8%)

  • Intermediates – Largest chunk of the Indian households (77.6%) with partial ownership of specified durables

  • Granular insights into ownership of consumer durables

    Wider choice of products/ services, rising disposable incomes, favourable demographic profile and increasing rate of urbanization have contributed to a consumption boom that is visible not only in urban but also in rural India.

    How the districts stack up

    Leaders – 72 Mn Indian households in 178 districts lie at the top; 6.7 Mn households own all the specified durables.

    Contenders – comprise 261 districts, concentrated in Uttar Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and North Eastern states.

    Laggards – 71 Mn households in bottom rung of 201 districts at the lower end; only 0.7 Mn households own all the durables

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