Right approach

  • Understand the diversity/ uniqueness – industry and competitive landscape
  • Evaluate – target market, geographies and end-use segments
  • Develop and deploy unique business model – to position the product and services effectively

Growth and expansion strategy

Is there an option to growth? Whether guided by the imperative to add shareholder value or by a philanthropic motive to serve society, a company has no alternative to GROWTH. It has to keep growing just to stay in the game. Competition pushes companies to keep re-inventing themselves, high churn and ever changing demand requirements from fickle customer means that companies have to constantly seek new markets and customers; evolving technology renders products obsolete at a pace that companies find hard to keep up with.

A growth strategy requires a well laid out blueprint and actionable market insights. Commitment to growth is served by developing systems and processes that feed these insights into the business.

At Avizare, we partner companies at every stage of growth cycle, in evaluating further growth and expansion opportunities and formulating effective business strategy:

  • Identifying newer markets / micro segments / geographies for growth
  • Improving customer targeting, retention and reducing the cost of acquisition
  • Right business model to address supply chain and distribution challenges
  • Build right marketing capabilities – sell value
  • Shape and define the market by closely working with customers and influencers
  • Ongoing alignment of product portfolio in line with needs of end-use sector
  • Achieving sustainable performance by deploying decision rules and effective hand-holding

We help companies in making strategic choices that maximizes their stakeholder value and at the same time are aligned to their corporate goals and objectives.

Right tool

GRAIns™, to generate actionable insights based on primary interviews, judicious use of secondary data and advanced statistical analysis. Based upon relevant data sets, it captures granular economic trends and provides actionable insights through analytical interventions.

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