INDIA - AGRINATION : The Emerging Hotspots

Against the background of uneven performance in the agriculture sector, during last decade, several hotspots - geographies, crops and technological interventions stand out. There are oases of growth that have accelerated the agricultural growth in pockets.

Agrination India

For these trends to become all pervasive and continuous, widespread private participation in agriculture is necessary, as the next set of technological interventions and innovations can be accelerated only through this route.

What drives the growth

State Government – Few states which have directed their efforts in accelerating agriculture growth.

Crop composition – Crops like maize, groundnut, soyabean, oilseeds and cotton stand out as star performers in this decadal growth story.

Input – High quality seeds, Hi-tech farming, micro irrigation, nutrient management, optimal use of fertilizers etc. are some of the key factors driving agricultural growth.

Agrination India

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